SUNDAY 25th July, 2021

17th SUNDAY (B) 

Readings: 2 Kings 4:42-44, Psalm 144, Ephesians 4:1-6 John 6:1-15, 


SERVICES FOR WEEK  24th July – 1st August 2021  

Sat      24 July           11.00                                      NO CONFESSIONS

                                  18.00                                      Tony Moffat RIP (Morris)

Sun     25 July         17TH SUNDAY (B)

08.30                                      Priest’s Intention      

                                       10.30                                      Brenda Clarke RIP (Hollis)

            Web – not available but see link below

Tues   27 July          11.30am                                Funeral Mass for Tony Moffat

Weds 28 July           09.30                                      Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

                     10.00                                 Derek Botterill RIP (Botterill)                      

Fri       30 July         09.30                                      Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

                    10.00                                      Tony Moffat RIP (Robins)

Sat      31 July        11.00                                      No CONFESSIONS

                               18.00                                      For the Parish           

Sun    1 Aug             18TH SUNDAY (B)                

         08.30                                      Marie & Jack’s Wedding (Cannon Family)

                                     10.30                                      Ron & Joan Aspeek (Choir)

            Web – available any time   For the Parish


As Fr Doug is away this weekend the Mass on our website is from last year, so the readings are from Year B.  Here is the link:

As Fr. Doug is away this week the Mass readings are for the 17th Sunday Year A

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time



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Please put your name and if you use envelopes, your envelope number, as the code.



The weekly Catholic newspapers:

Catholic Universe and Catholic Times are no longer available. The publisher has sadly gone out of business.

The Herald can be obtained directly by subscription: Ring 0207 448 3607 or go to



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I am most grateful to the Franciscan Brothers from Our Lady of the Angels in Erith for saying masses here this weekend. I am sure you will make them very welcome.


Our Parish Council met on Sunday to consider how best to move forward following the lifting of legal restrictions on Monday. The Church nationally has issued some guidelines which they ask to be locally interpreted and cautiously applied. In this spirit we are making some initial adjustments and we hope to make further adjustments in the weeks ahead but always with a view to the safety and reassurance of those attending mass. So from now on, in Church we ask that you:


·      Continue to wear masks on Sundays unless you are in lots of space or are exempt. You may otherwise, make others feel unsafe. 

·      Continue to cleanse your hands on entry to the Church.

·      Socially distance 1metre. In other words, sit wherever you like but keep a space between yourself and anyone else that is not in your bubble!

·      Follow the usual procedures for Holy Communion this weekend.

·      Follow the usual procedures for the Offertory.

·      Continue to follow the Track and Trace procedures at weekend masses but not weekday mass.

·      The longer Gloria and Creed should now be recited at Weekend masses.

·      Wear masks at weekday masses, ONLY WHERE APPROPRIATE.

·      Hymn books will be reintroduced on Aug 1st

·      Frequently used non-absorbent “touch points” will be cleansed after mass.

·      The Hall will open after the 10.30 mass on August 8th for refreshments.

·      Parish Mass books will be reintroduced when it is safe to do so.


Enforced self-isolation has caused us difficulties in the celebration of sacraments with our children and young people so I must praise them, their families and our catechists for their patience and flexibility. Last weekend we had another young person confirmed and during the week five more children made their First Holy Communions. One more Confirmation will take place next week for Hannah Hansford. Congratulations to them all.


God Bless                Screenshot 2020-04-15 at 15.38.24                                                                                



We will be reopening in the Hall for the Meeting Place on Wednesday 28 July – 10-12 for light refreshments. We will not be serving lunches on this first day, but will adjust the catering and times when we have some idea of numbers attending.  All are welcome, please spread the word. 



The Funeral for Tony will be on Tuesday 27 July at 11.30. 

Please pray for him and for his family at this time.



David’s funeral will be on Tuesday August 3rd at 11.30

Please pray for him and for his family at this time.