In common with other churches we have had to close our hall as a result of the Corono virus pandemic. This means all the usual events and functions have had to be cancelled. However we hope to complete the necessary paperwork and apply the necessary procedures soon to be able to re-open. Any user group though, even for a private function, will have to complete their own risk assessments and satisfy diocesan insurer’s conditions independently.

Although the hall is still closed if you are missing your Sunday morning tea and coffee:

Come and join our virtual coffee morning!

Don’t be left out all we need is a selfie (sorry you’ll have to provide your own coffee).

and then some more turned up!!!

and then a few more…… so the coffee baristas downed tools, picked up their mugs and joined us

It’s not too late to get in the picture we might even get out another table, so send your selfies, preferably with a mug or teacup, to:contact@stjohnfisherbexley.org
and lets hope and pray that it will not be too many more months before life can get back to, at least, a degree of normal with the Church and hall back in use.

And just a reminder of the pre-lockdown days:


For information about hall bookings please contact the parish office e-mail: bexley@rcaos.org.uk