Advent and Christmas 2017

EUCHARISTIC CONGRESS: In preparation for the 2018 Eucharistic Congress in Liverpool, the deanery is organising a 24 hour Eucharistic Adoration in all parishes, beginning with our parish – St John Fisher. This will take place on the First Friday of December (01/12/2017) starting with our usual First Friday Mass/Adoration at 9.00am and ends with 9.00 am Mass on Saturday 2nd December 2017. Please indicate your time preference for this all day/night presence with the Lord. This is our opportunity as a family to express our belief and love for Jesus in the Blessed Eucharist (“The Real Presence”). Come with family, children, the young and old – All Welcome!! Thank you, Fr. Christian.

As the Eucharistic Adoration flags off the Advent, our Christmas Recollection follows on the weekend of 15th-17th December. During this time, Fr. Flavian will explore his extraordinary experiences of life/death to remind us of the true meaning of Christmas, and Abbot O’Keefe shares a talk to arouse interest in our religious practices with opportunity for questions/answers.
On the Sunday our children will show-case their talents with the Nativity play, and the parish choir will be leading us as we join together in our traditional Christmas carol service. Thank you, Fr. Christian.