Live Streaming





The recorded Sunday Mass is no longer available. Instead we are now streaming all Masses live via links on this website. This is possible because there is a camera installed in the Church. The camera is fixed over the centre aisle at the back of the Church and while we don’t intend to pick out faces it is inevitable that the faces of readers will be on the broadcast, along with altar servers and anyone emerging from the door to the sacristy (including returning from the toilets). Also a brief profile will be visible as people turn away after receiving Holy Communion. If anyone has any personal concerns about this, please contact Fr Doug and individual resolutions can be found.

Clicking on the live stream link below will take you to the St John Fisher Channel on YouTube. There you will find all the latest live streams from the church. When the live transmisson ends, the film can be seen at any time. We expect to keep all the recordings available for about a week.