Welcome to St John Fisher, Bexley

Thanet Road, Bexley,DA5 1AP                           Tel:01322 524813                                      Parochial Administrator: Fr Christian Onyigbuo                  

Email: stjfisher@tiscali.co.uk                             Website: stjohnfisherbexley.org

Sunday Mass: 8.30am and 10.30 am; Saturday evening at 6.0 pm

Reconciliation Times: Sat 9.30am-10.30am and Sat 7pm-8pm (following Masses)

For times of all the weekday services please see the latest Parish Newsletter.

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Fr Christian writes:  Welcome to our Parish website.   I hope you can find what you are looking for.

Can I thank everyone who helped make our recent confirmation such a memorable occasion for our young people, in particular their parents who encouraged them and those who prepared them.

As I announced at the time, it will be my last Confirmation service here in Bexley, I shall be moving on in September, one of a number of changes in the diocese.    The new Parish Priest here will be Fr Douglas Bull who is moving from the Holy Cross Church in Catford, and will say his first Sunday Masses on the weekend of 22/23rd September.

Please continue to pray for the repose of the soul of Liam Gray who died on Wednesday July 4th.

Legion d’honneur
Liam was one of our oldest parishioners.    A Veteran of the Second World War he served in the Royal Engineers and was awarded the Legion D’Honneur for his part in the D Day landings.    Please also remember in your prayers his daughter Miriam and son Simon and his grandchildren.    Can I thank all our parishioners who came to his funeral here in the church. I know his family were pleased to see so many of his parish family present.

The repairs to the church heating system have obviously had an effect on the weather!    As soon as the work was completed the sun shone and the outside temperature started rising.    I’d like to take the credit for this hot spell though if there’s a water shortage you’ll have to blame my successor!    Hopefully we can look forward to more fine weather before we need to have the heating on full blast again.

The main part of the work involved installing a new copper pipe just below the windows. If you look up you can see it quite clearly.    It isn’t a modernist architectural feature but an economic decision.    Removing the old pipe would have involved a considerable amount of extra work and expense and caused considerable disruption for several weeks.

We have recently added an extra page to the website to explain what happened to the church heating and what has been done to put it right.    One side effect of the repair to the heating has been changes to the sound system.    While the new pipework was being installed, four redundant loudspeakers in the roof were removed and repaired.    They have been installed at the back of the church and the whole system has been rewired using a higher quality cable.    Hopefully you will notice the difference especially when I whisper!!

If you are just passing through Bexley and are checking out Mass times please come and say hello and if you are attending 10.30 Mass on Sunday come and join us for coffee in the hall afterwards

Gradually more information about activities here at St John Fisher are being added to the website although there are still gaps and we hope, perhaps with your help, to fill these over the coming months.

Since the site started, three years ago, we have tried to brighten-up the pages with photographs of the church flowers as well as some of the events.    We have also experimented with sound files and a video. To celebrate the first birthday we “redecorated” by experimenting with some different styles and layouts and would welcome your opinions.

You might be interested to know that we have had more than 4,000 visits to the site during the past year, with the number of people taking a look each week gradually increasing.    Visitors have come from various countries including the United States, Canada, Ireland, South Africa and Nigeria.

Please let us know what you think about the site and if you have any information or ideas that could be included please let us know by sending an email to our site editor: admin@stjohnfisherbexley.org

And just in case I haven’t mentioned it already! for the latest information on what is happening in the parish please check the Newsletter page which is updated every week.