CHURCHES TOGETHER in Bexley have appealed for help during the coronavirus emergency to assist in keeping Food Banks supplied. They provide help to some of the neediest people in our community. There is also information from Bexley Council on help for the housebound and others in need as well as an appeal for volunteers.<a

Bexley Food Bank is running short of a number of items at the moment:
Long life milk
Tinned custard
Packet Smash
Fruit juice
Shower gel

If anyone would like to donate these items and are able to do so listed below are the details of the food banks and website where there is further information.

OK Jane Foodbanks :
Trinity Baptist Church
Mon 1 till 3
Fri 10.30 till 12.30

Queen St. Baptist Church. Erith. DA81RP
Wed 10 til 1
Sat 10 till 1

New Community Church, 24 Station Rd.
Sidcup. DA157DU.
Mon 11 till 1
Tues 12.30 till 3

Avery Hill Fellowship
Southspring. Sidcup.
Tues 10 till 12
Thurs 12 till 15

All information is on their website:



The London Borough of Bexley has set up a phone line to assist people in need during the coronavirus pandemic. Whether you need someone to get shopping, pick up other essentials, or to give you information, guidance and advice, please call us on 020 3045 5398. The helpline will be open from 8am to 6pm.

Volunteer Hub

We at the London Borough of Bexley are working with Bexley Voluntary Services Council (BVSC) to support Bexley residents who are able to give their time to support the community during the Covid-19 pandemic. We are inviting people to register with the Bexley Volunteer Hub ( where willing volunteers will be matched to where they are most needed in Bexley at this time.

Keeping in touch

We are also keen to build up our understanding of what community support is already being mobilised locally by neighbours and communities and how we can help. If you are involved with a local neighbourhood support scheme, whether it on social media or ‘off line’ between a few neighbours, we would be really interested to know as we build up our knowledge of what support is on offer where across our borough and how we can support you in this.

We are looking to share the wonderful displays of community spirit on our twitter and facebook page @BexleyTogether so please do share with us what is happening near you and find us on there if you haven’t already.