Newsletter Sunday July 8th, 2018



 The Church As Prophet of God

The Church rejoices in the spirit of prophecy, even though the exercise of that charism does not bring her any honour from the world. It is exercised in weakness.



 Sat 7 Jul       9am               Holy Souls
                        6pm               CONFIRMATION MASS Bishop Patrick Lynch

  Sun 8 Jul     8.30am        Parishioners
                        10.30am      Wellbeing of Ray Smith (AIC Saturday Friends)

Mon 9 Jul    9am               Parishioners 

Tues 10 Jul7pm               Liam Gray (Margaret G/Kathy C)
                                                Adoration and Our Lady & St Pio’s Prayer Group 

Wed 11 Jul  10am             Dannie, Jim, Thomas & John Harrington RIP
                                                (Eileen Sheehan & Family)

Thu 12 Jul   9am               Eucharistic Service

Fri 13 Jul     9am               Kathy Lenihan RIP (Sheila Beattie)

Sat 14 Jul    9am               Parishioners
                        6pm               Tony Sullivan RIP (Marie) 

Sun 15 Jul   8.30am        Parishioners
                        10.30am      David Beattie RIP: Birthday (Katie Ireland)


Reconciliation Times:  Sat 9.30am-10.30am and Sat 7pm-8pm (following Masses)

Prayers for the Sick:Christine White, Kevin Harper, Ed Jones, John Bird, Gail Noel, Chris Neal,  Tony Speed, Geoffrey Hildebrand, John Underwood, Mary Stubbs, John Harrington, Norma Brooker, Nina Szredski, Eileen Weald, Maureen Fitzpatrick, Eric & Iris May,  Gracie Maddox, Anne Hastings, Tom Barrett, Timmy Lenihan, John Clarey, Tess Truman, Anne Comiskey, Irene Gannaway, David Collison, Mary Manners, George Waller, Peter Dent, Ray Smith, Teresa Fan, Tommy Otte, Christine Hand.

Anniversaries:  Andrew Cullen, Vincent Bunce, Beatrice Ward, Douglas Higgs, Celia Burt, Mary O’Reilly.

Feast Days: Wednesday: St Benedict, Abbot, Patron of Europe

OFFERTORY COLLECTION 1 July 2018                                               
First Collection–  Gift Aid. £437.90.    Loose.  £161.27    Total   £599.17
This week’s second collection is for Apostleship of the Sea.
Next week’s retiring collection is for Bexley Deanery Developing World Group.

ROTAS(week commencing Mon 9/7)

Readers:Sat 6.00pm Carol Anderson Sun 8.30  Ann Wilkes Sun 10.30Tony Frake.  Copying of Newsletter: Mollie Hobson. Newsletter Typist:Molly Robins. Collection for 8.30am Mass:Mrs M Lee. Parishioner Attending To Front of Church on Saturdays:Paul Rowlands.  Eucharistic Ministers:Saturday 6 pm: Kathy  Sun 8.30am:Peter W 10.30am:Paul, Eileen, Patricia, Mary H, Molly. Washing of Purificators:  Barbara. Flower Arranging:Graziella and Lynn.

JOHN EDWARDS RIP Sadly we have received the news that John died on Thursday 28 June. His Funeral Mass will be held at St John Vianney, Bexleyheathat 11 am on Friday 20th July.Please remember Mary and the family in your prayers.

TODAY IS SEA SUNDAY, when the Church prays for all those who live and work at sea. Without them, we would not have most of the items we buy in the shops. Today’s second collection is for Apostleship of the Sea (AoS), the Church’s official maritime welfare agency. It supports seafarers both practically and spiritually. This collection is vital to enable it to continue its work, so please give generously and remember seafarers in your prayers. Thank you. To donate online please visit

OUR LADY’S FILM EVENINGWed 18th July, epic move on St Joan of Arc, the 15th century French peasant who roused a nation. Fiercely believing that she was directed by God, Joan triumphantly led an army into battle against the English, who were driven from France.   Bar open, admission free, all welcome6.45pm for 7.00pm start. NOTE EARLY START BUT LATECOMERS WELCOME.