SUNDAY 6th March 2022

 1st SUNDAY of LENT 

Readings: Deuteronomy 26:4-10   Romans 10:8-13    Luke 4:1-13.

SERVICES FOR WEEK  5th – 13th March 2022


Sat     5th Mar     17.30                  Confessions

                           18.00               Fiona, Lillie-Mai & Riley (Staden)


Sun    6th Mar     1st  SUNDAY  OF LENT                     

                           08.30             Edward Jones RIP (Jones)

                          10.30                  John Hughes RIP (Hughes)


Mon 7th Mar     09.15         ss Perpetua & Felicity         Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

                          10.00                  Margaret Leech (Staden)


Tues 8th Mar      09.15         St John of God   Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

                          10.00                  Beth & Mick Minihane (Sheehan) 


Weds  9th Mar     09.15                  Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

                            10.00           Ken Crump RIP (M.Fitzpatrick)


Fri      11th Mar    09.15                  Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

                            10.00           Mae & Tim Boynihan RIP (Sheehan))

                            10.30           Stations of the Cross           


Sat     12th Mar   17.30                  Confessions

                            18.00                  Mae & Tim Moynihan RIP (Sheehan)


Sun    13th Mar  2nd  SUNDAY OF LENT                            

                             08.30            Emily & Aidan O’Neill (Keenan)

                            10.30                  William Dawson-Asaam RIP (Asaam)



All masses are streamed live and can be viewed via the link.

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Recordings are available. The Sunday sermon is also on the website in printed form.



Direct Bank Payments to RCAS Bexley, Sort code 51 70 14, Account 01831763

Please put your name and if you use envelopes, your envelope number, as the code.

Many thanks for your collections last week                £ 1054.16 incl standing orders

Second collection for AIC – Homeless People               £ 293.97

This week’s 2nd collection is for Poor Parishes 

Next week’s 2nd collection is for CAFOD



         Please sanitise your hands on entry and wear facial coverings, unless medically exempt

         Holy water stoups are now refilled and the water will be changed each week

        The Sunday Parish Missals are available. Many chose to keep a copy at home and you may continue to do so.

        Otherwise feel free to return your copy and reclaim the deposit you left.

        A physical sign of peace is allowed but please don’t shake hands – except with family.

           For the time being, Holy Communion must continue to be given under one kind only.

           Your offertory contributions should be made on entry in the baskets at the door.    


Screenshot 2020-08-07 at 19.38.51

The news is very depressing at the moment, isn’t it? Day after day we hear of the suffering and distress being imposed on the people of Ukraine by Mr Putin and the mighty Russian military forces. It seems that we are completely powerless to do anything to prevent it. A few token efforts to inconvenience some of Mr Putin’s supporters seems fairly futile. 

However we can at least pray for the people of Ukraine, and as our side of the prayer, determine to insist that our government offers refuge to those who are fleeing for their lives.

We have been offered this prayer:

Loving God, we pray for the people of Ukraine,

For all those suffering or afraid, that you will be close to them and protect them.

We pray too for those already injured or bereaved, and we pray for the dead.

We pray for world leaders, for compassion, strength and wisdom to guide their choices.

We pray for the world that in this moment of crisis, 

we may reach out in solidarity to our brothers and sisters in such great need.

May we walk in your ways so that peace and justice become a reality 

for the people of Ukraine and for the whole world. 

We make this prayer through Christ Our Lord. Amen. 

                                                                                  Screenshot 2020-04-15 at 15.38.24 



Make some space to develop your relationship with God this Lent. Sign up for our diocesan ‘retreat at home’ called “Saving Grace”. Every week you will receive an email with links to a 25 minute video in which our Archbishop John will introduce the theme and the reading. Chris Chapman will deliver the retreat, with others contributing. You will also receive materials to use in your own prayer and reflection. All you have to have to do is sign up at

We will reproduce the weekly material and make copies available in the foyer.

Many chose last year to join a Monday evening zoom group to share reflections. If you wish to do so, please email me at or Trudy at



We will follow the Way of the Cross in church each Friday morning during Lent after mass



Baroness Sugg has tabled an amendment to the Health and Care Bill that would make ‘DIY’ at-home abortion permanent. It is vital that as many Peers as possible oppose this amendment.

Right To Life UK has launched an easy-to-use tool on its website that makes it easy for you to send an email to a randomly-assigned Peer asking them to oppose the amendment. Please visit to contact your MP now. It only takes two minutes.


PARISH QUIZ NIGHT PLANNED FOR APRIL.   More details to follow.  Watch this space. 



Currently there is a vacancy for a Priests’s Welfare Office.  For further details please go to the Diocesan Website –



Many thanks to those who have already renewed your parking permit. You should have a sticker for your car windscreen and a padlock key if you think you might need one. If you need either of the above, please contact the parish office, preferably by email.