SUNDAY 6th February 2022


Readings: Isaiah 6:1-8. Psalm 137, 1 Corinthians 15:1-11;Luke 5:1-11.


SERVICES FOR WEEK  5th  – 13th February 2022


Sat      5th Feb        17.30           Confessions

                             18.00           Frank Stirrup (C. Fitzpatrick)


Sun     6th Feb    5th SUNDAY                        

                               08.30         Ash Coe (Nixon)

                               10.30        Maureen Fitzpatrick (Hughes)


Mon     7th Feb        09.15           Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

                             10.00           Sonny Sheehan RIP (Sheehan)


Tues    8th Feb        09.15 ss Jerome & Josephine    Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament                                           

                            10.00            Tina & Peter Whiffin (Staden)                 


Weds   9th Feb       09.15           Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

                             10.00           Dorothy Speed (Anderson)


Fri       11th Feb      09.15 Our Lady of Lourdes         Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

                             10.00           Foundation: Virginia Bolton          


Sat      12th Feb      17.30           Confessions

                             18.00             Pat Meehan (C.Fitzpatrick)


Sun     13th Feb    6th SUNDAY                      

                              08.30           Kit & Hugh O’Reilly RIP (Sheehan)

                              10.30           Ken & Christine Crump (Frake)



All masses are streamed live and can be viewed via the link. 

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Recordings are available for a week or so. The Sunday sermon is also on the website in printed form.



Direct Bank Payments to RCAS St John Fisher – Bexley, Sort code 51 70 14, Account 01831763

Please put your name and if you use envelopes, your envelope number, as the code.

Many thanks for your collection last week:                 £1118. 17 incl standing orders



  • Please sanitise your hands on entry. 
  • Please wear facial coverings, unless medically exempt
  • Holy water stoups are now refilled and the water will be changed each week
  • The Sunday Parish Missals will be available again next week for use at mass. Many chose to keep a personal copy at home and you may continue to do so. If you prefer to use one in general use feel free to return your copy and reclaim the deposit you left with us.
  • A physical sign of peace is allowed but please don’t shake hands – not yet!
  • For the time being, Holy Communion must continue to be given under one kind only.
  • Your offertory contributions should be made on entry in the baskets at the door.



Dear Parishioners,

On this, the third week of our stewardship campaign, we invite you to consider how you might invest some of your gifts in the community that is this parish, and in this way give God a return on what he has invested in you, the gifts or talents he has generously given to you. You may be volunteering a good deal in the parish already, in which case this is a time to assess and celebrate your role and place in this parish, as well as your relationship to God as one of his stewards. There are many parishioners who do indeed hold a high stake in the parish. We would like everyone to. The parish really needs your help and support and right now, that’s in almost every area.


It must also be said that the outcome or expression of spiritual stewardship does not need to exclusively lie in the parish community. There are many organisations, local or wider, that need help. Wouldn’t it be a great witness if nearly every voluntary organisation, society or club in the area had parishioners of St. John Fisher at their heart simply because that’s how seriously we Catholics take our God-given blessings and our responsibilities to other people.


Let us not forget family life either! Many people are at full stretch sharing your gifts with those in need within your family.


And finally, prayer. If you have time, pray for this parish, that it may continue to be a community centred on Jesus Christ, that it may grow in its outreach and mission and that it may be an authentic sign of God’s presence and activity amongst his creation.

                                                                                                                             Fr Doug



Make some space to develop your relationship with God this Lent. Sign up for our diocesan ‘retreat at home’ called “Saving Grace”. Every week you will receive an email with links to a 25minute video in which our Archbishop John will introduce the theme and the reading. Chris Chapman will deliver the retreat, with others contributing. You will also receive materials to use in your own prayer and reflection. All you have to have to do is sign up and then set aside what space you can for Saving Grace!

Go to  or



Please could Parishioners renew their car parking permit for 2022. Application forms are at the back of the church. Many thanks to those who have already done so.


SING DAY – 5TH MARCH 2022 AT St, Mary Magdalene Church, Wandsworth Common are holding a Singing Day with John Rutter.  The day will feature “Feel the Spirit” John Rutter’s uplifting arrangements of well-loved spirituals plus other choral favourites.  Cost for the day £30, accompanied children (11-18yrs) are free and students (18-22) – £15.  This includes use of the music scores and refreshments.  Registration starts at 10 am with refreshment provided, with tea and cakes provided in the mid-afternoon break.  For registration details please email or ticket link via

Ken Crump RIP.   We are sorry to tell parishioners that, after a long illness, Ken has died.   Please remember him, together with Christine and family in your prayers.