SUNDAY 23rd January 2022

 3rd SUNDAY 

Readings: Nehemiah 8:2-6 8-10. Psalm 18, 1 Corinthians 12:12-30; Matt 25:14-29


SERVICES FOR WEEK  22nd  – 30th January 2022


Sat    29th Jan.   17.30                         Confessions

                          18.00                      Danny Lyons RIP (Lyons)


Sun  30th Jan   3rd SUNDAY                        

                           08.30                       Maureen Fitzpatrick (Jeyaseelan) 

                           10.30                       Anne & Dennis Newton (Frake)


Mon  24th Jan     09.15 St Francis de Sales             Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

                           10.00                                     Harrington & Sheehan families (Sheehan)      


Tues  25th Jan      09.15 Conversion of St Paul      Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

                            10.00                             Tony Sullivan RIP (Sullivan)


Weds  26th Jan.    09.15 ss Timothy & Titus         Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

                             10.00                             Maureen Fitzpatrick (Anderson)


Fri    28th Jan.      09.15     St Thomas Aquinas         Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

                             10.00                             Lucy Nencini RIP (Robins/Connolly)                  


Sat    29th Jan.     17.30                                      Confessions

                            18.00                                    Joy & John Hubbard (Fogarty)


Sun  30th Jan   4th SUNDAY                        

                             08.30                              Bernie King (Jeyaseelan)

                             10.30                                   Brendan & Pet Kilcullen (Kilcullen)


Mon 31st Jan       09.15                               Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

                            10.00                                    Communion Service


Tues 1st Feb      CHURCH CLOSED 



All masses are streamed live and can be viewed on the website via the link.

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Recordings are available there for a week or so. The Sunday sermon is also on the website in printed form.



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In church please:

     •       Continue to wear facial coverings on Sundays unless you are exempt. 

    •       Socially distance 1metre. In other words, keep a space between yourself and anyone else.

    •       Continue to make your Offertory Contribution on entry.



Dear Parishioners, 

First of all, a big ‘Thank you’ to Larissa and Rob O’Halloran for conducting our part in the Synod process. This must be one of the biggest exercises in listening that the Church has ever undertaken, with Roman Catholics in every part of the world being asked to share their experiences of the Church and to express their hopes and concerns for the future. A summary of the findings here in Bexley is printed below and this is what will be carried forward from here in February to the diocese. A national picture is then to be formed before the international worldwide expression of the Church is gathered in Rome.


You will notice that we are listening to an alternative Gospel this Sunday. This is because we are exploring the spirituality of stewardship over the next few weeks and in particular, its expression in the stewardship of our gifts. Recognising that we are gifted by God is a sacred duty and we will be undertaking a prayerful process of discernment next weekend. Wwe hope thereafter to invite you to further express your giftedness in commitments to serve each other in parish ministries and through these voluntary efforts to offer service to God. Please, please, please engage with it.

                                                                                                                Fr Doug



Thank you for those who completed the Synod questionnaire, which contained three questions on Communion, Participation and Mission.


  •The gathering in the hall after the 10.30 mass was the most positively mentioned activity outside of the Mass;  Suggested improvements centred on connecting with people from outside of the parish, either those whose attendance had lapsed or those who have not yet joined the Churchl

 • Most respondents identified the Parish Priest and the Parish Council as effective ways in which to be heard within the parish.  There was no suggestion that it was difficult to be heard, should the need arise. 

  • Young people and housebound/elderly people who could not attend mass were thought to be the least included.  It was also felt by some people that those with non-UK heritage were not necessarily included

  •. Most people who completed the questionnaire agreed that the Church should spread God’s Word throughout the world, and that believers should reflect the Church’s teaching in their own actions;  Many felt that individuals’’ actions in the wider community could effectively demonstrate Catholic values and indirectly evangelise those who we meet;.


We will present a summary of the responses to the Bishop and Synod Team in February.

Larissa and Rob O’Halloran



Completed application forms for the  2022  Confirmation Programme need to be returned to Father Doug or left in the church by Sunday 23 January – This weekend!  Please note that after this date no applications will be accepted.



Please could Parishioners renew their car parking permit for 2022. Applications forms are at the back of the Church.