Newsletter Sunday 10th January 2021

Baptism of the Lord

Readings: Isaiah; 42:1-4, 6-7 Psalm 28: Acts 10:34-38, Mark 1:7-11

SERVICES FOR WEEK 9th – 17th January 2021

Sat 9 Jan   18.00 David Brailsford RIP (Brailsford)

                        08.30 Denise Adams RIP (O’Halloran)
                        10.30 Flor Valdez RIP (Bernarte)

                        Parish Mass – available to engage with via website at any time

                        Sonny Sheehan RIP (Sheehan)

Mon 11 Jan   09.30 Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
                        10.00 Peter Harold Sivyer.RIP (Gardner)

Tues 12Jan   Norma Brooker RIP (Choir)

Weds 13 Jan   9.30 St Hilary Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
                        10am Tony Speed RIP (Wheatley)

Thurs 14 Jan   Lloyd Fernandes (Fernandes)

Fri 15 Jan   9.30 Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
                        10.00 Harrington & Sheehan Families (Sheehan)

Sat 16 Jan   11am Confessions
                        18.00 Vincent Jeyaseelan RIP (Choir)

Sun 17 Jan   2nd SUN (B): PEACE SUNDAY
                        08.30 Peggy Whiteside RIP (SVP)
                        10.30 Danny Lyons (Lyons)
                        Parish Mass – available to engage with via website at any time
                        Deceased Members of Dunne Family (Haylett)

FINANCES – from the Diocesan and Parish finance teams. .
Direct Bank Payments to RCAS St John Fisher Church, Sort code 51 70 14, Account 01831763
Please put your name and if you use envelopes, your envelope number, as the code
Extra Collection This Week Priest’s Training Fund
Extra Collection Next Week Apostleship of the Sea

Many thanks for your generous Christmas Offering to me. I appreciate it hugely. Fr Doug

The weekly Catholic newspapers can be obtained directly (postage free) by subscription:
Catholic Universe and Catholic Times Go to or ring 0161 820 5722 and they will arrange for you. Special offer 3 months for £22.00 or 12 months for £80.00
The Herald has a similar offer: Ring 0207 448 3607 or go to


We are very pleased to be still open for mass. I think the government has recognised:
1 How hard we have worked to provide a safe environment with stewarding, cleansing etc
2 How important and beneficial it is for us to meet, greet and worship in safety.
So, each of us must be extra vigilant to keep safe for the sake of everyone else as well as ourselves. The virus must not be brought to, or caught in St John Fisher. The procedures we have followed so far are more rigorous than in many other parishes and will remain so. I congratulate our excellent stewarding team for caring for us and I thank everyone for your cooperation with them. Remaining open depends on the stewarding and several who are vulnerable have felt it necessary to shield and take themselves off the rota so we do need more! Please contact John (details below) if you can step up.

We are reviewing our provision and are considering reducing weekday masses during the crisis to Tuesday and Thursday, thus reducing the pressures on the stewards Tell us what you think.

God Bless

We are very grateful to the stewards who have volunteered to staff the church during these times.
Please ring John Rayer (01322 523499) if you can help.

Many thanks to everyone who told us how much they enjoyed the Christmas flowers and decorations. My talented helpers, Dorothy Speed, Mary Jeyaseelan and Mary Kevan, did a great job and we really enjoyed doing it! Thanks also to those who donated towards the cost. I should also thank Mary J. for keeping the church supplied with flowers from her garden throughout the Summer and into the Autumn. For the next couple of months the Covid restrictions and Brexit are likely to affect the supply of fresh flowers at a reasonable price so I think we will have to make do with artificial ones. We might be able to use houseplants, so, if anyone has any spare, that might be suitable, please send me an email at:
                                                     Sue Murphy

A big thank you to the small group of parishioners who give their free time to help keep our church clean. The rota for 2021 is now available for collection from the cupboard.
We would be grateful if more volunteers came forward to either join an existing group or make up a new one. At the moment, each group cleans once every six weeks. If we had another group of three or four people, that would change to once every eight weeks. If you think you might be able to help, please ring Carole Hughes on 07762 731303.

For a £10 deposit you can take a copy home and bring it to church each Sunday. There is a series of them covering 3 years, when the next is due, you simply return and swap your copy for the next one in the series, or return it at any time to get your deposit back. Ask a steward if you want one.

A new rota is available in the Sacristy for collection. As it says in the Daily Missal “When the scriptures are read in the Church, God himself speaks to his people” so your reading becomes the voice of God. I would therefore like to thank you for all your efforts. God bless you for your ministry. Should anyone wish to join in this ministry, please contact me: Carol Anderson on 07913 698912 or putting ‘Readers’ in the subject line.

Please print off this newsletter, using the screenshots below, and post it through the door of any parishioner you know without electronic access and make sure everyone feels okay and feels connected.