Newsletter Sunday April 26th, 2020

3rd Sunday of Easter

They recognised him at the breaking of bread

Readings: Acts 2:14, 22-33, Psalm 15, 1st Peter 1:17-21, Luke 24: 13-25

SERVICES FOR WEEK 26 April – 3 May 2020

Sun 26 April


Parish Mass – available to engage with via website at any time of day
Flordeliza Valdez RIP (Bernarte)
        8.30 a.m. Margaret Kyne and Family (Haylett)

Mon 27 Apr     8.30 a.m. Mae & Tim Monihan RIP (Sheehan)

Tues 28 Apr     8.30 a.m. John Bird RIP (Bowman)

Wed 29 Apr     8.30 a.m. Charlie Bilotto RIP (Hughes)

Thur 30 Apr     8.30 p.m. Kay Slater RIP (Kilcullen)

Fri 1 May     8.30 p.m. John Robins RIP (Robins)

Sat 2 May     8.30 p.m. David Brailsford RIP (Brailsford)

Sun 3 May 4th SUNDAY of EASTER
Parish Mass – available to engage with via website at any time of day
        Sergia Balaqus RIP (Bernarte)

        8.30 a.m. Kay Slater RIP (Burkinshaw)

Holy Hour between 5.30 and 6.30 each evening.

Please pray for the souls of :
Alice Howie Funeral 29th April
Mary Anderson Funeral 4th May
Rommel Bernarte Funeral 5th May
Paul Nancini Funeral 6th May

Please pray for those who are suffering from Corona virus and for those who care for them

Prayer of St. Alphonsus – (to be used when making spiritual communion)
My Jesus, I believe that You are present in this Most Holy Sacrament of the altar.
I love You above all things, and I desire to receive You into my soul. Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally, come spiritually into my soul so that. I may unite myself wholly to You now and forever. Never permit me to be separated from You. Amen.
Well, it’s still Easter!

MASS READERS: If any of our regular readers, or anyone else, would like to record the readings in advance they can then be included in our weekly Mass video. All you need is a computer or mobile phone and an internet link. We have tried it as an experiment this week so if you think you could help please drop us an email on:

Virtual Coffee Morning: Missing your regular Sunday morning get together in the hall? Let’s try to re-create it photographically on the website. E-mail photos of yourself with your cups of tea or coffee to: Hopefully we can all meet up here on the website next Sunday.

Dear Parishioner,
Apologies that the mass last weekend was a bit echoey. There was a problem with the Church sound system. Many have told me that they had to resort to reading the sermon from its own place on the website! We are so blessed. We hope the sound is better this week and our plan is that the readings will be proclaimed by a Reader. It really is not true that I like the sound of my own voice! So, assuming (as I write this) that it works, I offer an invitation: If you are a Reader and would like to exercise your ministry, and you are in a position to be able to record the readings and send them to Peter Murphy, then please get in touch and we will produce a rota. You should email: The Church closure is not going away anytime soon.

Anyway, there is always a good side; I am guessing that gardens around Bexley have never been so well tended, that lofts have never been so clear and that cupboards have never been so well organised. There are so many jobs that are coming off the ‘to do’ list. “Make hay…” as they say.

The parish office is open on a limited basis.
Please feel free to contact me by email or by the mobile number published overleaf or by posting requests or notices through the front door during one of your exercise periods.
If you want a mass to be offered for one of your intentions then use the normal process, just with your own envelope, not one of the pre-printed ones you normally pick up in church. There is availability for masses to be offered from next week.
The postal system itself seems to be working well, so feel free to use it as well.

If you haven’t found the services, then on the website: there are several ways to get there. I usually go to the Sunday Mass button and click on there.
If you are on my email list you will have received this newsletter in that way, and you also receive my mid-week “Ramblings”. If you would like to be on my list just email me at
God Bless,
Fr Doug
Cafod are running a virtual Children’s Liturgy on Sunday mornings from 10 – 10.15. You can register online for free if you follow the link below. There are also good resources on the website including colouring sheets and activities which relate to the readings and gospel every Sunday.

FINANCES – from the Diocesan and Parish finance teams.
We hope to arrange for volunteers to deliver the planned giving envelopes soon.
Direct Bank Payments to St John Fisher Church, Sort code 51 70 14, Account 01831763
Please ensure you put your name on the transaction code so that we can thank you later.

The number of links and contacts many of us are receiving can be overwhelming, though all are well-meant. We offer a limited number below that we hope may be of use:

‘Pray As You Go’ for a daily prayer.
Our Diocese of Southwark: Lots of information and further links.
Bexley Council Helpline: 020 3045 5398. The helpline is open from 8am to 6pm.
Southwark Spirituality Commission reflections Click on this link and then sign up: for

Please print off this newsletter and post it through the door of any parishioner you know without electronic access and make sure everyone feels okay and feels connected. You can use the two screen shots to make it easier.