Newsletter Sunday October 20th, 2019


Christ Always Interceding For Us
Christ who “opened his arms on the cross” is like Moses whose arms were raised in prayer for his people. Today Christ asks us to join him in continual prayer and never to lose heart.

1st Reading: Exodus 17:8-13 2nd Reading: 2 Timothy 3:14-4:2 Gospel Luke 18:1-8

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Sat 19 Oct    10am Jim O’Brien RIP (John & Eileen Stanton)
                        6pm Dan, Frances, Fiona, Daniel & Margaret
                              (Eileen Sheehan & Family)

Sun 20 Oct    8.30am Parishioners
                        10.30am Intentions of Tony & Dorothy Speed (Tony Frake)

Mon 21 Oct    9.30am Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
                        10am Intentions of Fernandes Family (Brian & Edna)

Tues 22 Oct    7pm Caterina Cogliandra RIP (Edna & Fred Phipps)
                        7.30pm Exposition + Our Lady & St Pio’s Prayer Group

Wed 23 Oct    9.30am Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
                        10am Mary & Patrick Sheehan RIP + Dan & Julia Harrington RIP
                          (Eileen & Family)

Thurs 24 Oct    9am Eucharistic Service

Fri 25 Oct    9.30am Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
                        10am Ben van Leeuwen (Tim Bowman)

Sat 26 Oct    10am Sister John Bowman RIP (Tim Bowman)
                        6pm Les Truman RIP (Morris Family)

Sun 27 Oct    8.30am Parishioners
                        10.30am Intentions of Fr Paul Rout (Aylesford Pilgrims)

Reconciliation Times: Sat 10.30am (after Mass) and Sat 5.30pm (before Mass)

Prayers for the Sick: Christine White, Kevin Harper, John Bird, Gail Noel, Chris Neal, Tony Speed, Geoffrey Hildebrand, John Harrington, Norma Brooker, Nina Szredski, Eileen Weald, Maureen Fitzpatrick, Eric & Iris May, Gracie Maddox, Anne Hastings, Timmy Lenihan, John Clarey, Tess Truman, Irene Gannaway, David Collison, George Waller, Ray Smith, Tommy Otte, Sister Angela, Marion Hams, Leigh Richards, Peter Hogg, Christine Brown, Tony Laws, David Latimer, David Brailsford, Colin Anderson, Jim Henry, Joe Reape, Giulio Venturi, Anne Newton, Bridie Cripps.

Anniversaries: Rose Underwood, Janice Watts, Joe Chambers, Minnie Lynch, Tony Groce, Mary Gosling, David Beattie, Leslie Thomas.

Feast Days: Tuesday St John Paul II Wed St John of Capistrano Thursday St Antony Mary Claret Friday The Six Welsh Martyrs and their Companions Saturday Ss Chad and Cedd

First Collection: Gift Aid £503.55 Loose £262.75 Total £766.30
Retiring Collection (Bexley Deanery Developing World Group): £175.25
Next week’s retiring collection is for friends of Ahoto, Ghana

ROTAS (week commencing Mon 21/9)
Readers: Sat 6.00pm Peter Harris Sunday 8.30am Doune Robinson Sunday 10.30am Marlene Burt. Copying of Newsletter Emma Fox. Newsletter Typist: Sheila Botterill. Collection for 8.30am Mass: Mrs T Li/Ray. Parishioner Attending To Front of Church on Saturdays: Ken Crump. Eucharistic Ministers: Saturday 6 pm Mary H Peter W Sun 8.30am Bridie Mary J 10.30am Kathy Marlene Patricia Margaret Kate U. Washing of Purificators: Kathy. Flower Arranging: Graziella and Lynn

BEXLEY DEANERY DEVELOPING WORLD GROUP Thank you for your kind donation of £175.25 for the collections on Sunday 1st September and 13th October. The AGM will be held at 7.30pm on Monday 21st October at St Lawrence Sidcup. Please do not hesitate to contact our Parish Representative, Maria Ward, on 07802 623571 if you would like further information.

DAY OF RECOLLECTION FOR SPECIAL MINISTERS & READERS will be held at Bishop Thomas Grant school, Streatham, on Saturday 16th November 2019. Please see details in porch and sign the list if you are able to attend.

REMEMBERING THOSE WHO HAVE DIED  At St John Fisher we will always remember those who have died but especially during November and on the weekend masses of 2nd/3rd November – we will be praying for all those who have died in this past year by name, and we will be lighting a candle for them on the sanctuary.

A DAY WITH MARY will be held on Saturday 9 November 2019 at Westminster Cathedral. Trevor Downs (tel 020 8641 6418), e-mail website