Newsletter Sunday January 7th, 2018



Saturday 6 January     9.00am NO MORNING MASS
                                       6.30pm Deceased Parents, Brother & Sister of the Henry Family

Sunday 7 January     8.30am Parishioners
Epiphany                 10.30am In thanksgiving David Shaw (The Choir)

Monday 8 January     9.00am Parishioners

Tuesday 9 January     7.00pm Wellbeing of Anne Comiskey (Tony Frake)
     Followed by Adoration & Our Lady & St Pio’s Prayer Group

Wednesday 10 January     10.00am Bill Keefe RIP (Maureen Fitzpatrick)

Thursday 11 January     9.00am Eucharistic Service

Friday 12 January       9.00am Fr Ernest Akorsou RIP (OLPG)

Saturday 13 January     9.00am Belinda Coutinho RIP (Sylvia Coutinho)
                                       6.00pm Mae Moynihan RIP (Eileen Sheehan)

Sunday 14 January     8.30am Parishioners
                                       10.30am John & Rebecca Harris (Carole Hughes)

Reconciliation Times: Sat. 9:30am-10:30am and Sat. 7pm-8pm (Following Masses).

Christine White, Kevin Harper, Ed Jones, John Bird, Gail Noel, Chris Neal, John Edwards, Tony Speed, Geoffrey Hildebrand, John Underwood, Mary Stubbs, John Harrington, Norma Brooker, Nina Szredski, Ann McDonald, Eileen Weald, Maureen Fitzpatrick, Eric May, Wendy Bowman, Gracie Maddox, Anne Hastings, Tom Barrett, Joann McIntosh, Timmy Lenihan, John Clarey, Marlene Burt, Tess Truman,
Anne Comiskey, Irene Gannaway.

Kathleen Russell, Pat D’Silva, Barry Haddock, Mary Rose Romeril.

Feast Days: Monday: The Baptism of The Lord. Friday: St Aelred of Rievalux Saturday: St Hilary.

ROTAS: Readers: Saturday 6pm Peter Harris, Sunday 8.30am Les Thomas, 10.30am Katherine Benarte.  Photocopying of Newsletter: Emma Fox.  Newsletter Typist: Venus Bernarte.  Collection for 8.30 Mass Mr T Lee.  Parishioner Attending To Front of Church on Saturdays: Ken Crump.  Flower Arranging: Doune & Theresa.  Eucharistic Ministers Saturday 6 pm: Kathy,  Sun 8.30am Peter W. Sun 10.30am Carole (5) Marleen (6) Patricia (7) Rob (8) Dorothy (9).  Washing of Purificators: Norma Brooker.

GIFT AID: £ 354.00 LOOSE: £ 235.87 TOTAL: £ 589.87
XMAS OFFERING: GIFTAID: £ 150.00 LOOSE: £ 10.00 TOTAL: £ 160.00

BEXLEY DEANERY DEVELOPING WORLD GROUP: Thank you for your kind donation of £101.38 on Sunday 10th December. Please contact our Parish Representative, Maria Ward, on 01322 555 553 if you have any queries.

WHITE FLOWER APPEAL: The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) will be holding its annual appeal next weekend. SPUC is currently campaigning to stop the decriminalisation of abortion, which means taking abortion outside the law. This is the most dangerous threat to unborn children and their mothers in decades. Please be as generous as you can to help us defeat this latest attack on unborn babies and their mothers, and to stop abortion getting even worse in this country by decriminalisation.

GOA ORPHANAGE: Eileen and John Hollis will be returning to Goa at the end of this month, visiting an orphanage where the children have HIV. They have had your support for many years, please contact them if you can help. Thank you. 0208 303 4136.  

OUR LADY’S FILM EVENING: Wednesday 24th January (Christian Unity Octave): documentaries on a) Shroud of Turin, & b) St Augustine of Hippo, influential Father & Doctor of Church (as background to April & May’s 2-part movie). Bar open, all welcome, 7pm for 7.30pm start. SPECIAL EVENT: Friday 26th Jan: fish-n-chips social evening, bar and testimony of radical conversion of Mr Robin Mace. Details and £10 tickets at: film evening or Rebecca on 07956 111 909 or

THREAT TO CATHOLIC EDUCATION: The Government may be about to renege on its manifesto commitments to remove the 50% cap on Catholic admissions to Free Schools. It appears that lobbying and letters to MPs have not worked. The Bishops have therefore put an online letter on their website which all Catholics are asked to consider signing. It takes around 3 minutes. Follow the link: and then follow the two steps. If each member gets 3 to 4 people to sign in addition to themselves, then we will begin to approach the kind of numbers that would make a difference. Best wishes, David O’Mahony, Chairman Catholic Union.

YOUTH MEETING: There is a meeting on 20th January to anyone interested in forming an ecumenical youth group (18-28) to engage in charitable or spiritual pursuits. If interested, please contact Joe Ebare on

PARISH SOCIAL EVENTS: Parishioners have identified a number of activities that they would enjoy. The Events Team has suggested that these might be spread through the year. Two of these are relatively fixed: June/July St John Fisher Feast Day and BBQ and 31 December – New Year’s Eve Disco. Others that were well liked and could be planned for each quarter: Quiz, 60/70s Night, Variety Night, Dinner and Dance. Each event needs a small team to plan the event. All parishioners are invited to a meeting in the hall on Friday 19 January to see what might be involved and become part of one of the teams. If there is no team for an event, that event will not take place. Bar will be open, light refreshments will be provided.