Newsletter Sunday October 29th, 2017

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Commandment of Love
Today, through the strength that Christ gives us, we can celebrate with the joy of the Holy Spirit that great commandment of love which once had to be imposed on men under threat of God’s avenging anger.

Sat 28 Oct       9am Trudy Custy RIP (John & Eileen Stanton)
                        6pm Ida Thomson RIP (Lindsay Delpaul)

Sun 29 Oct       8.30am Parishioners
                        10.30am Lance Grainger: 2nd Anniversary (Madeline & Family)

Mon 30 Oct       9am Christa Frake RIP (Tony Frake)

Tues 31 Oct       7pm Trudy Custy RIP (Maureen Fitzpatrick)
     Followed by Adoration and Our Lady & St Pio’s Prayer Group

Wed 1 Nov       9am Iris Dias (Norma Brooker)
All Saints        8pm Holy Souls

Thu 2 Nov       9am Wellbeing of Maureen Watkins (Joan Aspeek)

Fri 3 Nov       9am Holy Souls
                        9.30am First Friday Adoration for one hour

Sat 4 Nov       9am Holy Souls
                        2pm Remembrance Service
                        6pm Norberto Iligan RIP & Kevin Dacalos Aames RIP:Anniversary (Nenen)

Sun 5 Nov       8.30am Parishioners
                        10.30am Mum & Dad de Groen Family & Friends RIP: (Angela Chard)

Reconciliation Times: Sat 9.30am-10.30am and Sat 7pm-8pm (following Masses)

Prayers for the Sick: Christine White, Kevin Harper, Ed Jones, John Bird, Gail Noel, Chris Neal, John Edwards, Tony Speed, Geoffrey Hildebrand, John Underwood, Mary Stubbs, John Harrington, Norma Brooker, Nina Szredski, Ann McDonald, Eileen Weald, Maureen Fitzpatrick, Eric May, Wendy Bowman, Gracie Maddox, Anne Hastings, Tom Barrett, Joann Mackintosh, Timmy Lenihan

Anniversaries: Rose Underwood, Janice Watts, Joe Chambers, Minnie Lynch, Tony Groce, Mary Gosling, David Beattie

Feast Days: Wednesday All Saints Thursday: The Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed (All Souls)

ROTAS For w/c 30/10 Readers: Sat 6pm Kathy Fogarty, Sun 8.30am Peter Wilkes, Sun 10.30am John Rayer.   Copying of Newsletter: Mollie Hobson.   Newsletter Typist: Molly Robins.   Collection for 8.30am Mass: Mr T Lee.   Parishioner Attending To Front of Church on Saturdays: Ken Crump.   Eucharistic Ministers: Saturday 6 pm Anne Harris, Sun 8.30am Marlene, 10.30am Kathy (5) Margaret (6) Patricia (7) Mary (8) Carole (9).  Washing of Purificators:  Molly Robins.   Flower Arranging Mary J.

1st Collection Gift Aid: £337.95 Loose: £179.21 Total: £517.16
2nd Collection(Missio) £45.70 £368.87 £414.57

LESLIE THOMAS RIP Sadly we have received the news that Leslie died suddenly this week. Please remember his wife Marie and family and friends in your prayers.

ANNUAL SERVICE OF REMEMBRANCE: This service will be held in the church on Saturday 4th November 2017 at 2.00pm. This will be a time for us to remember those close to us who have died. After the service, refreshments will be served in the Hall. We hope you will be able to join us. Donations of cakes will be gratefully received on the day.

AN URGENT REQUEST FOR NEW COUNTERS to join our counting group towards collection, counting and banking of all Parish monies.  Please let Fr Christian or Brian Fernandez know if you wish to volunteer for this once a month help.  Thank you. Fr Christian

DAY OF RECOLLECTION FOR READERS AND EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERS will be held at Streatham on Saturday 11 November. Please collect your invitation from the church porch. Please return completed form to Fr Christian.

FIRST HOLY COMMUNION 2018: Application forms are now available for the First Holy Communion Programme 2018.Children eligible for First Communion must be in Year 3 or above and should attend mass regularly at St John Fisher Bexley. Application forms can be collected from the back of the Church or please see Angela Underwood. If you are a new parishioner and/or do not attend mass at this parish but wish your child to join the programme, please speak to Father Christian. Completed application forms must be returned no later than 31st December 2017. The programme will commence in January 2018. Full details of the programme and a list of all the relevant dates including parent’s meetings will follow soon. Please look out for future notices in the parish newsletter.

AYLESFORD RETREAT  The annual retreat next year will be Friday 11 to Sunday 13th May 2018. A list is in the porch. Please pay £10 deposit to John Stanton.

IN THE INTERESTS OF SAFETY  Please ensure matches are not left on candles – on two occasions recently a match was left on a candle causing the holder to melt.

KNIGHTS OF ST COLUMBA  Annual Provincial Memorial Mass Service, for all deceased Brothers of KSC Southwark Province 12 to be held Saturday 11 Nov, 2pm at Our Lady of the Angels, Carlton Road, Erith DA8 1DN. The Celebrant for this year will be Bishop Paul Mason.

CEMETERY VISITS  By Deanery Priests – Sunday 5th November at 2.30pm Sidcup Cemetery,
Sunday November 12th: 1.0pm Plumstead Cemetery; 2.30pm Bexleyheath Cemetery; 2.30pm Hillview Cemetery, Welling; 3.15 Erith Cemetery, Brook Street.     

OUR LADY’S FILM EVENING – Wednesday November 15th – Movies on St John of the Cross, mystic, reformer of the Carmelites and Doctor of the Church; and b) St John Vianney patron saint of parish priests. Bar open, charity stall, all welcome, 7pm for 7.30 start.

PARISH EVENTS TEAM INFORMATION Friday Night Bridge open 7.30pm (for young and old) Convivial Bar. Meeting place every Wednesday 9.30am – 1.30pm.