Newsletter Sunday 24th September, 2017


The Generous Love of God

The love of God cannot be measured by any human standard. It is incalculable. By human reckoning it must even appear foolish. What sensible employer would behave like the man in the Gospel parable? We see reflection of that love in St Paul’s dilemma. He loved so much that he could not decide whether it was better to live or die.


Saturday 23 Sept    9.00am   Simon & Helen and baby Poppy
                                                  (Anderson/Connolly Family)
                                 6.00pm Sonny Sheehan RIP (Eileen & Family)

Sunday 24 Sept     8.30am Parishioners
                                    10.30am Ruth Smith (Ray & Family)

Monday 25 Sept     9.00am Olga Bowman: 1st Anniversary (Tim)

Tuesday 26 Sept     7.00pm Repose of the Soul of Kay Gillespie
                                   (Gillespie Family)
   Followed by Adoration and Our Lady & St Pio’s Prayer Group

Wed 27 Sept     10.00am Ruth Smith RIP (Ray & Family)

Thursday 28 Sept     No Eucharistic Service
                                  11.30am Funeral Mass for Terry Frogley

Friday 29 Sept     9.00am Holy Souls

Saturday 30 Sept     9.00am Kayisha Jestina Gordon RIP (SVP Bexley)
                                   6.00pm Tony Sullivan RIP (Marie & Family)

Sunday 1 Oct     8.30am Parishioners
                                  10.30am David & Mona Shaw RIP (Lynn Cayford)

Feast Days:  Sat: St Pius of Pietrelcina, Priest Sun: Our Lady of Walsingham Tue: St Cosmas & Damian, Martyrs Wed: St Vincent de Paul, Priest, Memorial Thurs: St Wenceslaus, Martyr. St Lawrence Ruiz & Companions, Martyrs Tue: St Michael, Gabriel & Raphael, Archangels.

Sick:  Christine White, Kevin Harper, Ed Jones, John Bird, Gail Noel, Chris Neal, John Edwards, Tony Speed, Elvira Vaz, Geoffrey Hildebrand, John Underwood, Mary Stubbs, John Harrington, Norma Brooker, Nina Szredski, Angela Gillespie, Ann McDonald, Eileen Weald, Maureen Fitzpatrick, Eric May, Wendy Bowman, Gracie Maddox, Anne Hastings, Tom Barrett, Joann Mackintosh, Timmy Lenihan

Anniversaries:  Robert Joseph Gilby, Eusebio Vaz, Danny Flanagan

ROTAS:  Readers: Saturday 6pm Christine Hand, Sunday 8.30am Larissa O’Halloran, 10.30am Ryan Bernarte.   Copying of Newsletter: John Stanton.   Newsletter Typist: Ruth Powers.   Collection for 8.30am Mass:  Mr T Lee.   Parishioner Attending to Front of Church on Saturdays: Ken Crump. Eucharistic Ministers:  Saturday 6 pm (1) Ivan Sun 8.30am (2) Peter Whiffen Sun 10.30am (3) Kathy (4) Eileen (5) Patricia (6) Dorothy (7) Rob.   Washing of Purificators: Kathy Connolly.  Flower Arranging: Mary Kevan & Lynn Cayford

OFFERTORY COLLECTION: Sunday 17th September 2017
1st Collection: Gift Aid: £465.81 Loose: £145.40 TOTAL: £611.21
2nd Collection: Gift Aid: £9.70 Loose: £133.06 TOTAL: £142.76

This week’s 2nd Collection is for the SVP.

HARVEST FESTIVAL – Sunday 8th October 2017: Please bring your offerings for The Manna Centre helping the homeless in London. Please see list in church porch for most needed items. NO CLOTHES PLEASE.

SVP AWARENESS MONTH:  “The stranger is often the hand of God. Not the drainer of resources, but the donator of gifts.” “What you often find is that people find it hard to make a life in the country they move to. That comes from the collapse of hope in making a new life – to get work, to begin again, to get a normal family life.” (Sarah Teather, Director of the Jesuit Refugee Service)

APF RED BOXES – Missio/Missions:  Would anyone who has a red box or who would like to give to the missions, please put money or cheque paid to St John Fisher in an envelope in the collection with your name on it (for our records and APF). Any problems about APF contact Sue Mantle on 01322558965 or email

A DAY WITH MARY:  Saturday 7th October 2017, Westminster Cathedral. Please see poster in porch for more details.

33rd ANNUAL NATIONAL ROSARY CRUSADE OF REPARATION:  Sunday 14th October 2017. 1:45pm outside Westminster Cathedral (Ambrosden Avenue). See details on noticeboard in porch.

FIRST HOLY COMMUNION 2018:  Application forms are now available for the First Holy Communion Programme 2018.  Children eligible for First Communion must be in Year 3 or above and should attend mass regularly at St John Fisher Bexley. Application forms can be collected from the back of the Church or please see Angela Underwood. If you are a new parishioner and/or do not attend mass at this parish but wish your child to join the programme, please speak to Father Christian. Completed application forms must be returned no later than the 31st December 2017. The programme will commence in January 2018.  Full details of the programme and a list of all the relevant dates including parent’s meetings will follow soon.  Please look out for future notices in the parish newsletter.


OUR LADY’S FILM EVENING – Wednesday 27th September: Part 1 of a 2-part movie on the incredible life of St Padre Pio, the Capuchin friar who had such great spiritual gifts as a mystical prayer, bilocation, reading souls and stigmata. The film reveals the amazing details and events in his life as boy and throughout his 50 years as a monk, the frequent attacks of the Devil and the persecution he suffered at the hands of people, including those in the Church. Second part (including a recap) on Wednesday 11th October – watch either or both parts. Bar open, charity stall, all welcome, 7.00pm for 7.30pm start.


BEXLEY MUSIC SOCIETY – LIVE PERFORMANCES BY INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS: RECITAL – Miho Hakamata (Violin) and Alan Brown (Piano) on Wednesday 4th October 2017 at the Townley Theatre at 7.30pm. Townley Grammar School, Townley Road, Bexleyheath DA6 7AB. Annual membership £40, Single entry £10 (tickets at the door), Students and Children £5. For further information, contact Geoff Birch 02083062152 or Peter Green 02083112314.

FRIDAY NIGHT FUN:  Open 7.30pm every Friday for Bridge and bring your own games for young and old. Convivial Bar.

MEETING PLACE:  Open Wednesdays 9.30am – 1.30pm