Dear Parishioners,

It will be a joy to celebrate our first public mass since lockdown on Monday morning, 6th July at 10.00 following exposition of the Blessed Sacrament that begins at 9.30. It will be the same on Wednesday and Friday and then next weekend we will have our usual Sunday masses in church.
The Sunday Obligation still does NOT apply so we are still free to stay at home and participate in the virtual mass via the website or attend mass during the week if we want to. Indeed I would encourage many who gravitate to our busy 10.30 mass on Sundays to attend a different one if possible, at least for the time being.
• Those who do attend MUST WEAR A FACIAL COVERING. This is important as we will be using the government’s 1 metre+ social distancing rules. It doesn’t need to be a mask. Many are using scarves and other coverings.
• Face coverings are not needed for Masses on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
• Everyone will be carefully guided to their seats by our stewards. This will take a while longer than usual so please arrive early.
• Hands can be cleansed on entry. We have a hand dispenser available for those who do not have their own.
• There will be no toilet facilities available.
• Mass will be shorter than usual with no singing at any mass.
• The reception of Holy Communion is carefully regulated at a distance and only in the hand.
• There will be a number of changes in the practice of mass and these will be explained at mass.
• Anyone who is unwell or who is isolating should not attend.
• Doors will remain open to ensure good ventilation and to avoid touching handles etc.
• Stewards are on duty at each mass to ensure this safe practice.
• Votive candles can be lit by taking a light from ones already lit.
• If you attend you will be asked to give your name with a contact detail so that we can participate in the track-and-trace scheme that the government is running

We are grateful to the stewards who have volunteered to staff the church during these times. One will be in the porch to give instructions and others will be in the church to supervise and to usher.
They will also help cleanse the church after Sunday masses.
Please ring John Rayer (01322 523499) if you can be available for any of the Sunday masses.

OUR SUNDAY PARISH MASS will be available on the website in the (now) normal way.
• If you haven’t found it yet, then on the website: go to the Sunday Mass button and click on there.
• If you are a Parish Reader you can exercise your ministry by emailing Peter Murphy on
• The parish office is open on a limited basis.
• You can receive this newsletter by email and also my mid-week “Ramblings” by emailing me at

God Bless